Leveque Community is Becoming Magnetic for People ALL OVER HAITI!!

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Bonswa!! I hope this post finds you all doing well and loving life amidst grand adventures. I write to you tonight from the new 410 Bridge guesthouse in Cabaret. I am about ready to fall into bed for a good night’s rest, but wanted to get a few of these thoughts down before I close the day.

Our rapid pace of growth and progress on many projects remains unabated this week and I once again have much to report. In exciting news, we welcome Kathryn Montoya to Haiti this week. Kathryn is very experienced in deaf ministry and will be spending 5 weeks with us here in Haiti in order to pour into the deaf leaders and take some of our spiritual development and educational development plans and programs to the next level. Check out her website at http://www.cbdeafministry.org. It is once again amazing to reflect on all of the people that the Lord has brought together in this great and challenging work in Haiti. I praise the Lord this summer for all of our teams, partners, and the people working so hard in the US in support of me and our Haitian staff – I especially praise the Lord for Elizabeth Beaird, Mary Davenport, and Kathryn Montoya for their willingness to take the leap of faith to come to Haiti at such a critical time in our work.

Ok – let’s get to all of the exciting announcements from the last week. Earlier this week we welcomed a new baby into the Village of Leveque and I was honored to have the opportunity to not only hold him on his first day in Leveque, but also to help name him. Please keep baby Daniel and mother Margot in your prayers as they go about their new lives in Leveque. (see photo of the glowing mother!!)With each new arrival to the community, I reflect on all of the new opportunities in front of this next generation – instead of a future in one of the most dangerous slums in the world, baby Daniel can enjoy the peace and quiet of Leveque – where his mother pursues a new small business, his two older brothers and older sister enter into the Mission of Hope school, when he is able to walk he will play soccer in a safe space on a full soccer field – and even better . . . baby Daniel is now part of the generation that will change the course of history in Haiti – starting with his life in a community that is redefining holistic development, community unity, foreign missions, small scale agriculture, and the pursuit of a life free from dependence and entitlement.

The most exciting afternoon of the week for me was the arrival of 8 deaf men from a small community in the far Northwest of Haiti. Mary Davenport worked with this community earlier in the summer and told them all about the community in Leveque. Of course these men needed to see it for themselves :) . After hours and hours of travel they arrived in Leveque and were blown away by everything in the community. These young men said over and over that Leveque is so beautiful and they never thought anything like it was possible for deaf people in Haiti. Visiting with these young men really helped me to put many things back into a healthy perspective – while we have encountered new challenges in some areas that have delayed various aspects of development, it is important to take that step back and reflect on what has already been done – that this project and work with a community in this way is truly unique in Haiti. Are we supporting the community perfectly – no . . . are we making some mistakes along the way – of course . . . but at the same time we are all learning and working very hard to empower a community, to change worldview towards a perspective that empowers a community to seek their own solutions. In the process Leveque is becoming a magnetic community for deaf people all over this country; deaf people who cannot believe that something like this is possible . . . until they visit and see it with their own eyes. That is cool. The deaf leaders from the Northwest connected with the leaders in Leveque and in La Piste and I pray that much fruit will come from that connection. My specific prayer is that the leaders from La Piste can teach and empower the leaders from the Northwest – but along with that, I think the perspective of the leaders from the Northwest can positively influence the entitlement mentality that has crept in for many deaf families who have received free aid for over two years at the Red Cross camp in Port au Prince.

In other exciting news, the church on the hilltop in Leveque is cruising along. The progress made in the last week is remarkable to me – everyday I visit Leveque and stand on the hilltop to pray over that land. While I pray I am blown away at the visible construction progress that occurs in every 24 hour period. Please keep that land, the workers, and the leaders of the community in your prayers – pray specifically that the work being done and the resulting community gathering place becomes one more source of unity for the community.
We had an absolute blast at our weekly soccer game last week as the soccer field is leveled and we experienced a heavy rainfall that turned everything into deep mud – of course, everyone just started dancing in it and our soccer game turned into one HUGE mud-fest!!!! A lot of fun – I always enjoy the opportunity to be a part of this community cutting loose, smiling, laughing, and getting just a little bit crazy :) .

I end the post once again with a prayer from my journals this week:

“Lord, this morning I pray for your vision. Father God, that once You have placed that vision on our hearts – You give us fire and passion. Passion for You and for Your glory in this work. Lord, such passion is magnetic, such passion is undeniable. As it exceeds the possibility of articulation and enters the realm of the vision of Heaven on earth – we know that no one can deny Your work, Your glory, and Your hands of provision. Father God I pray this morning for energy – Lord, some days I am tired and it feels that energy and passion have waned. Father, You promise you will restore our souls and take us to those quiet riversides. Lord it is only You who can grant magnetic passion to everyone here in Haiti – the kind of passion that will work and work and work towards the ultimate end that is Your glory. Give us the strength to focus on You and the strength that only You can grant. AMEN.

Thank you all for your prayers, support and encouragement!!

grace and peace,

Kyle Reschke

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Kyle is a missionary of Frazer United Methodist Church in Montgomery Alabama, in partnership with 410 Bridge and Mission Of Hope. He is the Project Coordinator for the Haiti Deaf Community.