Leveque-Deaf Village


Deaf Community at Leveque
Location:  Leveque is located about 1 hour north of Port-au-Prince.


In 2010, the government of Haiti donated 150 acres to an organization called Mission of Hope (MOH), with the stipulation that they were to build 500 permanent homes for displaced earthquake victims.  The 410 Bridge was introduced to MOH and recently partnered with them to construct 150 homes for the displaced deaf who are now in temporary housing in Port-au-Prince.


The earthquake that struck Haiti in January of 2010 left nearly 1.5 million people homeless.  Among those left without a home was a group of deaf individuals and their families.  Somehow in the midst of the chaos following the earthquake over 400 deaf, and family members of the deaf, settled together on a small temporary piece of land in the heart of Port-au-Prince.  These deaf individuals and their families lived in tents and struggled to find enough food and water to simply survive.  As they began to settle into their temporary homes, they formed relationships, leaders emerged, and a community was created.  In 2011 the Red Cross replaced their tents with temporary homes and The 410 Bridge began to work with the leaders to create a permanent community.
These individuals desire to work hard, further their education, have a place to worship, and become productive members of society.
In addition to housing, the community members will have access to safe drinking water, a quality school, and a local church.

410 Community Coordinators:

  • Margaret Spratlin
  • Kyle Reschke

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